Friday, February 26, 2010

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Well, where do I begin? I'm absolutely speechless!! I never thought I'd say this... but I never really even imagined that Gautam would actually come up with such a script...AGAIN!!! When I saw the trailer of the movie, I heard a voice in my head that went "Not again!!"
Nevertheless, I went to watch the movie thinking something HAS TO be different in this one... How wrong was I!

Throughout the first half of the movie, one can see many romantic scenes strikingly similar to the ones in Minnale and Varanam Aayiram... And the main criteria for the protagonist to fall for the girl still seems to be style, class and beauty... whatever happened to good old girls with character and a mind of their own! Hmph!!
And the girl is a Christian and engaged to someone or getting engaged to someone or gonna get engaged to someone... whatever! Oh wait a minute... there's a difference here... the girl is a mallu Christian! :|

About the story... If you have seen Minnale and Varanam Aayiram and all other Gautam's movies just like I did, by now you would've guessed it.. and yes your guess is right! It is yet another story about a boy who falls in love with a classy woman the minute he sees her, but the girl doesn't feel the same way at the same instant (thankfully), so he chases her everywhere and travels all the way to Kerala in pursuit of his true love! After which, she finally falls for him and what happens next? Do they really unite? Do they get married or not?? This is the one line story of VTV! Talk about creativity! :-/

And as though all this wasn't enough, we have the Great Simbu playing his role beautifully in tormenting the audience with his awkward use of English to convey his love to Trisha... I just couldn't see Simbu as the seriously committed guy for once... It sounds so artificial hearing him say things like "I'm in love with you... I'm crazy about you!" Honestly, call me biased or whatever... but Simbu does NOT and cannot show the same "truth" in his eyes like Surya or Madhavan! When he declares his undying love for his girl, I couldn't help but think "There he goes again! I hope Jessie doesn't fall for him!"... Simbu looks more desperate than in love!!

But that is not the only reason I didn't like the movie... Only through the first half, I was wondering why Gautam had to cast Simbu in this role... But frankly, Simbu kinda grows on you... I mean during the second half of the movie, you would come to terms with Simbu being in the lead role, but that's when the story starts falling apart! At one point, I actually started counting the minutes to the end of the movie!! I just couldn't wait to take off the shackles and run out of the theater! :(

But while all this was testing my patience, the only consolation was Trisha... although Trisha's character Jessie is a really annoying girl who isn't level headed enough to make a big decision in life and stick to it.. It gets seriously annoying when she says she likes him.. she always did.. and then she wants him... no she doesn't want him... then she wants to elope with him... but no wait she doesn't! Uff... make up ur bloody mind, woman!! :-/
However, she has done her part in the movie perfectly well (making you hate her)! And I gotta admit this... she does look very cute and stylish AND sexy in many scenes!! :D

One other consolation is The God, AR Rahman! :) His music is very soothing especially when you're being tortured by all other elements of the movie!! If at all, anybody happens to like the movie by some miracle, one of the main reasons would be ARR's BGM... In many scenes during the first half of the movie (when i was still expecting something good to happen), the BGM has played a huge role in making those few special moments what they are...

In spite of the great music by AR Rahman, most of the songs fail to register in your mind except Oh Sana... because of the sheer lack of creative picturisation of the songs! Every song has Trisha doing her catwalk, turning to smile at Simbu... and Simbu in the background dancing with a bunch of hip hop dancers... which again, (I'm tired of saying this) we have already seen in Varanam Aayiram..

I am a HUGE fan of Gautam Menon... and I was proud to say so... I really loved and worshipped him more with each new movie he made... But its time he stopped making movies with the same storyline! I really really expected much more out of Gautam Menon than these repeated movies about his lost love!! Seriously, Gautam... Its high time you started writing or listening to different kinds of love stories than just your own "first love"!! Move ON!!!

Lastly, there's a dialogue in the movie repeatedly said by Simbu which goes like this... "Ethanayo ponnunga irundhum naan yein Jessie ah love pannen!?!"... Roughly translated, "Of all the girls in the world, why did I have to fall in love with Jessie?!"
I keep asking myself a somewhat similar question now... Of all the movies available, why did I have to go watch this one??? :(


Mariya said...

hee hee.. frustration is apdiye oozing out of the post. LOL my sympathies with you

Sangi said...

lol..thanks hon.. but frustration is merely a word compared to wat i had endured! :P