Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have never in my life felt so sleepy... its as though everything around me is floating... and every move i make is like i'm in a dream... i'm grinning from end to end with my eyes shrunk to almost just a slit, as and when anyone walks through my door...
Ever since i stepped into my office i've had everyone ask me if i'm alright! Maybe i look a li'l goofy at the moment... but i swear i'm in my senses!! I lie i'm not swearing!! :P
I have gotten high in my life once.. and i know what it feels like.. but this is worse..
I'm very much aware of everything happening around me.. but i'm so sleepy i feel way too lazy to move even the tiniest muscle in my body! I just dont understand why though :(
Damn! I just happened to look at myself in the mirror a while ago.. and man wat a disaster!!
No wonder people have been testing my alertness (or the lack of it) in so many ways..
Look at me.. bloodshot eyes... pale face... and a white dress to make it even paler... and a half grin that people who dont know me might even mistake for a stylish attitude smile (the how u doin' types) :P
My god!! I so badly wish i were home... lying between the sheets... on a cozy pillow... dozing away happily... hmmmmm.... this is how i would define pure BLISS!!! :)


Jay.. said...

hehe! Now we r talkin :p And I PICK EVRYWORD to say I agree :p

I kno a gal who slept in the pot when she went for a potty !

My species, eevrywher! :p

Sangi said...

Ssssshhhhhh..... public!!
Public!! :P

Gomatha said...

lolzz jay.. me too.. i remember a gal as well :P