Monday, March 30, 2015

This time.. I'm truly back! :D

Hello everyone...
It's been over TWO whole years since I last blogged. Now I’m not gonna use fancy words like “writer’s block” since I am but an amateur blogger whose blog is visited by people who have either been bribed, pestered, tortured or simply pushed here with a gun to their heads :P
I was just generally busy living my simple, boring aam aadmi life… As you can guess, just like in everybody's life, many things changed/happened in my life too in these past 2 years... Let's see.... 

1.     For starters, I got married (yayyy!!) to the love of my life... my pillar of support... my best friend... finally... after many years of courting and loving and oor suthing and planning and postponing and at last, giving in to social, familial & peer pressure :D 

2.     Visited two beautiful islands (one on a spinster trip & the other on honeymoon) and learnt that somehow people living in islands are not as stressed or grumpy or generally frustrated with life as we urban folk are! I'm guessing it could be coz they live in a holiday destination and hence they're always in a festive mood... Oh, and I tried para-sailing too… And it was an awesome experience… All those amazing things you hear people say about para-sailing? All true… every bit! J  

3.     Lost three very very dear ones :( [four, if you count the unborn one] and haven't gotten through a single day without thinking about atleast one, if not all of them :'(  

4.     Made so many new friends... some of them who have absolutely vanished out of my life as fast as they came... some others who simply refuse to walk out… and the awesome few who will be cherished for all eternity J

5.     Started watching two new series (GoT & Sherlock addict here) and obsessed over the show so much that darling husband decided that the only way to score extra brownie points was to celebrate our first month anniversary by gifting me all five books the series is based on :P

6.     Watched a whole lot of movies, though not nearly as much as I wanted to. Can’t begin to explain how great or terrible the movies were… I’d need a whole new blog for that!

7.     Went trekking for the very first time and came back with so many exciting and a few scary memories too.

8.     Went to my very first concert and sang & danced around like it was nobody’s business! (picture a less cute version of Oh from the movie Home, “my hands are in the air like I just do not care” :P)

9.     Joined a new job and worked at all hours of the day like a possessed woman for about 8 months straight and then took a week long leave to detox and relax, only to join back in the same team and continue trying to survive the same hectic work schedule J (Though I gotta admit.. it has gotten a li’l less hectic and exciting lately.. hence the blog post you see :D)

10. Lastly, I have gained like 20 pounds since I last posted here. I’m not gonna lie; I didn’t just expand overnight.. it was all fat slowly accumulated due to a sedentary lifestyle combined with some serious stress eating issues over a span of more than two years. Although considering how lazy I am, losing this extra weight is definitely gonna take more than just a couple of years!

Anyway, that’s all the stuff I have to update about my life… Please tell me what all happened in your lives in the time that I was gone… Meanwhile I’m going to start publishing new posts faster than you can blink! ;)
From now on, your inboxes are gonna get bombarded with updates about my new post everyday, if you've made the blunder of subscribing to my blog :P

That’s all for now, folks! Good day to y’all!

SE (formerly SS)