Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have never in my life felt so sleepy... its as though everything around me is floating... and every move i make is like i'm in a dream... i'm grinning from end to end with my eyes shrunk to almost just a slit, as and when anyone walks through my door...
Ever since i stepped into my office i've had everyone ask me if i'm alright! Maybe i look a li'l goofy at the moment... but i swear i'm in my senses!! I lie i'm not swearing!! :P
I have gotten high in my life once.. and i know what it feels like.. but this is worse..
I'm very much aware of everything happening around me.. but i'm so sleepy i feel way too lazy to move even the tiniest muscle in my body! I just dont understand why though :(
Damn! I just happened to look at myself in the mirror a while ago.. and man wat a disaster!!
No wonder people have been testing my alertness (or the lack of it) in so many ways..
Look at me.. bloodshot eyes... pale face... and a white dress to make it even paler... and a half grin that people who dont know me might even mistake for a stylish attitude smile (the how u doin' types) :P
My god!! I so badly wish i were home... lying between the sheets... on a cozy pillow... dozing away happily... hmmmmm.... this is how i would define pure BLISS!!! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Job hunt :D

I wish i were a cricketer... or a painter... a writer.. or a dancer... or better than all this... a movie critic or a book critic.. these are without a doubt the best jobs on earth man! These guys actually get paid to do what they love! Seriously, they're the luckiest people alive!! I mean.. look at these people.. They get paid real hefty packages for doing what they enjoy doing the most.. Unlike any of us, who have a job to go to everyday.. and on time! And damn it's so exhausting to do something you don't enjoy for 5 whole days in a week!! Especially when you have a boss who doesn't have a life outside the office!! :-/ Believe me!! It's terribly depressing!

I just wish i were one of the lucky ones who could do something better than anybody else and enjoy it AND get paid real good for doing that! Ha! If only such wishes could come true...
I mean... imagine.. getting paid to get up as late as you want.. watch a movie and tell people if it was awesome or awful.. or read a book and suggest the ever increasing bibliophilic public to read it or trash it! Coming to think of it... There are many such cool jobs which may or may not exist right now, but which i wud love to do anyday! :D
Like... a shopping critic.. food critic.. perfume critic.. or oooohh.. a blog critic! ;)
Or... i could also be a costume advisor.. or a love message delivery person.. i would sneak into your gf/bf's house without their parents' knowledge and deliver ur msg personally.. can deliver to ex-bfs/gfs too.. hehehehe.. Or.. a friend tracker.. if you tell me you want to meet some dear old friend you've not been in touch with for years, i would track them down and put them on your radar again! :)

Anyway i could make up a million jobs like these... And although i'm not sure if my interest in these "jobs" would last forever, if any of you do come across any such interesting openings.. well, you know how to find me! :D

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Speak in ENGLISH!!

I find it highly annoying when people pronounce words wrong... or use the wrong word at the wrong place in a sentence.. in English! I mean... my mother tongue is Tamil... i dont feel that same obsession to correct people even when they shred the language into the tiniest of pieces in the process of attempting to form a single meaningful sentence! But i just cant stop myself when the same thing happens in English.. Its not like i dont like Tamil... i LOVE Tamil as much as i like English! But I dont know why i dont get that offended when people talk in broken Tamil.. Maybe its because i'm so happy about the fact that people are interested in learning my regional language that i'm not that bothered about the small mistakes they make in the process. ;)

Basically, English is a beautiful language, if spoken right that is. But it can easily become a dangerous torture weapon when one is made to digest hearing someone confidently say "i cant able to" or "i told to him" or "he catched" or this is the best... "i goed" (apparently the new past tense of go)... Seriously, when i hear all this i feel as though a lizard is crawling its way up my skin... Yhew!! (For people who know me, you know how much i enjoy the company of lizards!)

Now i'm not saying that all people SHOULD talk perfect English... but atleast you can try and NOT screw up the language in every possible way! I totally understand that not many people are fond of the language or the teacher who taught them English... But atleast when someone tells you that you're not saying it right, one could learn from one's mistakes right? Is that too much to ask?? I don't think so. All that said, i myself am in a place where i get to hear the worst of English anybody can ever hear!! Oh, the arabs.. the filipinos.. the beauty they add to English! Priceless!! :-/ I'm simply amazed by how i have endured this torture for 3 whole years now.. I guess that's what age does to people :P

Nevertheless i'm still not able to suppress the involuntary urge to correct people when they speak incorrect English... Only now i have limited my service to just my friends and nobody else! Some day i know i'll be in a place where everybody speaks perfect English and that day i'll give a quite smile of satisfaction. Till then, all I have is a huge list of people who find this correcting habit of mine extremely irritating and i'll just continue tormenting them for now! :D