Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello world! It is that time of the year again.. when i am supremely jobless and killing time is my priority number one!! So here i am... after a looooooooonnngggg hiatus.. all excited to start blogging again :D I know that the only people who follow my blog are the ones who love me too much to stop this ridiculous thing I call writing... or have been subjected to various physical and mental tortures & threats by yours truly! :P But it doesn't matter how you landed here... I love you just for reading this aimless post of mine! :D

So what all happened in the time that I disappeared from here... Lets see... Apart from the many earthquakes and tsunamis suggesting that the Mayans might in fact be right... :O and the many riots and protests in every possible location from Libya to Congo to Greece... and almost simultaneously Iraq war coming to an end giving everyone some kinda hope at last... and someone almost finding a perfectly workable cure to cancer... and Sunita Williams heading to space yet again... well, I ate, slept and continued existing like everyone else on this planet! :) But with a small difference... during this time I somehow transformed myself into this irrecoverably lazy couch potato who hogs as much as one can, but doesn't try to shed a pound! :(

Which is why, I have decided that from this day forward, I am going to work out as much as I can... by that I mean atleast 5 days in a week! :-| and bring my body back to its awesome sexy shape! ;)

That's all from my end for now... Will keep you guys posted about my cardio training experience as and when it happens :P Although I know that when it comes to working out, I have little dedication and even lesser patience, this time I AM going to try and walk and jog and skip and sprint and run and what not!! :D

I'll be back here again soon... off to the gym now! B-)